We did not celebrate Woman’s Day this year. We celebrated a full Women’s month!

women's day- March

It’s been a great month here at KN. This Women’s Day, we focused on celebrating a part of each of our identities that cultivates our strength, elegance and ambition: our womanhood. 

It’s hard to believe that not tooo long ago, women like ourselves were denied so many opportunities that we today take for granted. Because their femininity was perceived as a weakness. While society still has improvements to make, we can proudly say that thanks to strong, powerful women who have fought for equality. Even doing something as simple as wearing a string of pearls. Which went from being an unnecessary vanity showing weakness to a symbol of elegance and power. 

This month we celebrated Women’s Day with intelligent, creative and powerful women all over the world with a series of LIVE interviews with inspiring women. Women who we believe are role models. Women who embody qualities we admire here at KN: ambition, style and compassion.

Guest 1stGuest 1

We started this month by getting to know Karishma – woman entrepreneur and interior designer based in Hong Kong. Chatting over a lovely cup of coffee we got some fabulous interior design tips. Our viewers even got a tour of my living room. Definitely had a lot of laughs and smiles. Karishma shared with us many words of wisdom. But the message that really resonated with us here at KN was “if you have people around you that are supportive and you believe in yourself, just go for it”. 



Guest 2ndGuest 2

Hope you rolled out our yoga mats with us. And joined us in our LIVE yoga with Anita ,  my Yoga guru, friend and one of Hong Kong’s most loved yoga instructors. I am so happy for this chance to share my source of inspiration with people I love…even though virtually! In addition, we had our yoga session in the garden amidst the plants, the sound of the fountain. And the blind blowing lightly to freshen and rejuvenate us. 

A lot of you joined us or went back into our 2nd part of the Live. After our stress relieving session we sat down with some tea and got to really get to know Anita. She shared stories about how she started her practice. And we discussed her achievements as a woman and a mother, all with yoga guiding her along the way. When asked about how she stays consistent and motivated with her yoga practice. She said “just put in a little bit of effort into your practice every day. And if you feel better for it, everything else will be done with a happier heart and a stronger body”. Anita really opened our eyes to how setting time aside for the things you love goes a long way.

Guest 3rdGuest 3

Finally, we hopped online for the third interview with dean Shabnam. We learn a lot about how she, as a woman of color living in the United States, manages to work her way up to being a dean at the University of San Francisco. And obviously a job that requires excellence in multiple senses. She shared with us a message that is worthy for everyone to hear: “Nothing is going to be easy, ever, but it is not always about the outcome. It is about the process to get there. So, if you engage in good processes the outcome may not change but the way in which you experience the outcome will differ”. To achieve what Shabnam has is extremely commendable. Hence, we were so interested to hear about the mindset that she maintains to achieve her goals . I listened eagerly to any advice she had to share. 

Above all, after three remarkable interviews with three remarkable women, we are saying goodbye to the women’s day of March and waiting eagerly to see what April brings! 

To Karishma, Anita and Shabnam: THANK YOU! 



PS: Did you click on the highlighted words? Some amazing videos there.

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