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“The Aum tranquility necklace has become a part of me, without I feel something is missing. Perhaps it’s the spirituality of the meaning of Aum and the belief it is where the vibrations of the word AUM bring all things into manifestation … perhaps that and the fact it’s become a part of me … without it I feel naked and with it, I feel empowered and protected…”

Ifat Kafry Hindes

“Wearing the Divine Om, not only reminds me to take a moment to breathe but also to remain loyal to my innermost truth. Its simple and elegant design compares to the symmetry of nature.”

Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Supermodel Yogi

“I always wanted to have yoga-related jewellery, it’s frustrating that I couldn’t find a nice one. But when I first looked at the tranquility aum bracelet, I must say it is truly gorgeous! It is elegant, very well made yet meaningful for me as a yogi! When I wear it, it gives me peace of mind. I wish I would have found Kajal Naina sooner!”

Samantha Sin / Yoga Expert & Founder of One Yoga and Samantha Yoga

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