Hand Jewellery, Hand Sanitisers and Hand Moisturisers. 4 things to consider to keep your rings safe.

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Nowadays, wearing a mask whenever going out in a public space is a no brainer.

And so is social distancing and maintaining hygiene specially by washing hands.


Wearing rings and washing hands

How many of us compulsively rubs a sanitiser every now and then these days to make your heart feel a little bit safer? 

I’m sure every bit of what I just said has become a part of most of our daily routine and rightly so. If not then it should!

I also must admit that when I’m out and about, if my eyes should spot a sanitiser, my hand naturally just goes for it.

It’s something that just cannot be looked away. Our health has been the focus point this year and we must ensure incorporating these measures to guarantee that we shall be here when the day comes to enjoy life with more freedom. 

Hand sanitiser and jewellery

As a jeweller I’m getting different questions coming from customers regarding jewellery care one of which I want to talk about today. “Hey Kajal, Will Using hand sanitisers affect my rings in any way? Should I take any precautions with my rings as I use a lot of hand sanitisers these days?”  One customer said that she realised there was slight change on the colour of one of her rings she wore daily. 

When all is well one day we don’t want to find the lustre gone from your favourite ring which was a present to mark that 1st anniversary or the special ring you always wear which you had gifted yourself to mark a promotion at work doesn’t have that sparkle anymore. For all us ring lovers here, I’m pretty sure we don’t want our precious stones and metals to lose their qualities!

So I’ve made a list of what to do and what not to do to protect those precious jewelries during these times. 

4 things to consider to keep your rings safe:

  1. Wash your hands often with soaps that are gentle and soft for your skin or clarified soaps with no strong chemicals. And that is gentler on your jewellery too if you’re wearing it regularly. 
  2. White golds and Sanitiser don’t go well together! Sanitiser’s are alcohol based and does not really affect diamonds and yellow coloured gold but frequent use of sanitiser may dull away white gold  jewellery. 
  3. The other thing is that as we’re moisturising more often it saves our hands from getting dry but definitely kills the shine of the ring as rings will develop a coating on the surface with multiple times use.
  4. It’s okay to take off our ring for some time and store it away if you’re very conscious. But if you should still like to wear a ring (I never leave the house without my engagement ring and pinkie finger ring as a habit) then make sure whenever applying anything it’s best to remove your rings to protect it and wear it back on after applying that sanitiser or moisturiser.

Lastly we all know that stay safe is our number one priority. If someone wants to admire your bling don’t ever take it off your hands. Let them admire it from a distance. The less contact with other people the better and just like your ring don’t forget to Keep shining. 



4 thoughts on “Hand Jewellery, Hand Sanitisers and Hand Moisturisers. 4 things to consider to keep your rings safe.”

  1. Thank you for the information Kajal! It is really helpful and I will share with wife. : )

  2. Kamal K Tuladhar

    Thank u Kajal for the simple but effective advice. These months I’m happy being careful & jewel free so I have no stress there. Your new ring collection is simply fabulous but interest has diverted for the moment.Lots of love & best wishes….

  3. Sujata Gurung

    Thank you for valuable advice , this needed the most in these days!


  4. Wow this is so insightful! Simple things but can be missed easily…Thanks for the reminder Kajal 😀

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